R-T City Ordinances

The City of Arlington’s Ordinances are listed Alphabetically by main topic addressed in the Ordinance.  Click on the corresponding number below to view the specific ordinance. 

R-1 & R-2 Conditional Use   193
R-1 Residential District (Funeral Home Permitted Use)   228
R-1 Residential District (Rear Yard Setbacks)   209
R1-Ag/ R2-Ag District   211
Salaries, Mayor & Council   208
Septic Systems, Private Regulated   201
Sibley County Fairgrounds/ Racetrack (Use and Limitations)   187
Sibley East (Rezoning School Property)   264
Signs   241
Signs (Amended)   260
Signs (Amended II)   302
Snow Removal (Vehicle Parking/Parking Lots)   216
Snow/ Ice Removal on Sidewalks   178
Solar Energy Systems   307
Solar Energy Systems (Amended)   312
Solicitors and Peddlers   198
Solicitors and Peddlers (Amended)   243
Solid Waste Collection   223
Stormwater Drainage Utility   304
Stormwater Management   258
Stormwater Management (Amended)   271
Subdivision Ordinance   168
Subdivision Development (Lot Split/ Lots Combined)   210
Subdivision Development (Premature Development)   221
Subdivision Ordinance (Amended 12/4/2014)   168A
Swimming Pools   247
Temporary Health Care Dwellings (Opt out)   308
Temporary Structures   274
Temporary Structures (Amended)   296
Tree Ordinance   238
Tree Ordinance ( Amended )   291