Regular City Office Hours

20160525_154212 Monday-Friday (8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.) 507-964-2378
Emergency After-Hours, Nights, Weekends, and Holidays 507-327-6601

The City of Arlington has contracted with PeopleService for the City’s Water/ Wastewater management needs. For more information on PeopleService, please visit their web site.

Paya Nuvei Payment Portal- Arlington FAQs

Power Outage

Please contact City of Arlington Staff immediately when you are experiencing a power outage.

**DO NOT contact McLeod Cooperative Power, they cannot help you! **

Monday-Friday (8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.) 507-964-2378
Emergency After-Hours (anytime) 507-327-6601

*In the event of a mass power outage, the “After-Hours” phone may be busy due to the amount of phone calls coming in. Customers are encouraged to leave a detailed message during this time and City Staff will call you back when they can.


City Electricity

The Arlington Electric Utility is municipally owned and operated as a function of the city utility department. Its operations include construction and maintenance of the electrical distribution system and extension of all consumer electric services to residential, commercial, and industrial customers located within a designated service area. Arlington has been involved in the delivery of electricity since the early 1900s when the city generated electricity in its old city hall. In 1992, Arlington and seven other cities joined together to form MMPA.

Supplier: Minnesota Municipal Power Agency 

Contracted Electric Services: McLeod Cooperative Power Association

Electric Rates

Electric Residential Service 

  • Fixed Charge per Month $9.28
  • All kilowatt hours per month at $0.1254/kWh


Commercial Service-Small

  • Fixed Charge per Month $19.61
  • All kilowatt hours per month $0.1101/kWh


Area or Security Lighting

  • 175 Watt Mercury $7.50/month
  • 200 Watt Mercury $8.00/month
  • 400 Watt Mercury $12.00/month





Commercial Service-Large

  • Fixed Charge per Month $19.61
  • All kilowatt hours per month $0.0746/kWh
  • Demand Charge-$10.49/kW

Power Cost Adjustment Cited rates are subject to a fuel and purchase power adjustment, which is based upon the city’s cost of purchased power.



Natural Gas

CenterPoint Energy has provided natural gas service to the City of Arlington since 1953. A well-qualified team of marketing, engineering, and construction representatives are ready and able to provide information, analysis, and assistance to existing or potential customers on an individual basis. To start an account please call: 800-245-2377 or go to their website

In addition to detailed information on CenterPoint Energy, their page provides residents and businesses with contact information in case of an outage or emergency CenterPoint customers click here.

Water Facility

Emergency contact information for PeopleService:



Capacity The City provides all facilities necessary for the production, storage, and distribution of water to residential, commercial, and industrial customers within the city. The facility and water tower were both constructed in 1996. The present system has 2 wells that are owned by the City and each pump 800 g.p.m, a filtration system to remove excess minerals from the water, a 300,000 gallon elevated storage tank, and a 100,000 gallon underground tank. The entire system is on generators for backup purposes. Water rates are $5.98/1,000 gallons plus a variable fixed rate.

Water Consumer Confidence Reports






Wastewater Facility

Emergency contact information for PeopleService:




Capacity The city’s wastewater treatment facility was substantially increased in size in 1988 to a maximum limit of 634,000 gallons per day. The up-grading greatly increased capacity at the treatment plant and involved upgrading the city collection system with high capacity interceptor lines to many areas of the city. This system is also on generator backup. Sewer rates are $3.75/1,000 gallons of water usage plus a variable fixed fee.

Arlington/Green Isle Partnership In April 1999, the cities of Arlington and Green Isle entered into the 1999 Sewer Use Agreement. This agreement allowed Green Isle to undertake and complete their waste collection system, which included a main trunk feeder line to the Arlington Plant. In December 2004, both cities entered into the Wastewater Use Agreement, which amended and superseded the previous agreement. An advisory board was created by this agreement, which consists of 2 Councilmembers from each city. The Board will monitor the maintenance and operation of the Plant and make recommendations to each respective City Council about rates, fees or upgrades to the system.

Infiltration and inflow of extraneous storm water and groundwater to sanitary sewers can overwhelm the conveyance capacity of sewers and is significant cause of system overflow. Below are 5 short videos to explain how you as a resident can help.

(source Water Environments Federation)

Part 1:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXezHjwuCWw

Part 2:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9dijs9lq8I

Part 3:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHpkUsFCP38

Part 4:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1f8lCndk78


Compost Pile Location & Hours of Site The City’s compost site is located next to the wastewater facility on the southern edge of town on Freedom Drive. Items allowed: leaves, grass clippings, garden rubbish, and small brush that cannot be chipped. No appliances or garbage are allowed. The site is open daily during daylight hours, except during the winter when it is closed.

Storm Water Runoff Policy (Taken from Ordinance No. 133) All roof drains, footing tiles, cistern overflow pipes, and sump pumps or drains must be constructed to discharge any water carried by them into the City storm sewer or onto the ground surface. Any of the above named connection pumps or drains currently connected directly or indirectly to the sanitary sewer system must be immediately and permanently disconnected from the sanitary sewer system at the cost of the property owner.


The City of Arlington has developed a Wellhead Protection Plan to protect our drinking water from becoming polluted by managing possible sources of contamination in the area which supplies water to Arlington’s public wells. In December of 2007 the City Council accepted and adopted the The Wellhead Protection Plan which you may view here. In the coming months this web site will provide more information describing the City’s Wellhead Protection Plan, including why it was developed and how you can get involved in protecting drinking water wells. For more information on Wellhead Protection click here for MN Department of Health.


Arlington We Save Rebate Program

By participating in our We Save Rebate program, you can save energy and earn a rebate when you purchase and install qualifying, energy-efficient equipment or take other measures to reduce energy consumption.

Residential Rebates
Commercial Rebates

Please contact City Offices, (507)-964-2378 for more information and forms.

Other Services

Digital Television/ Internet/ 
Telephone Services

Frontier Communications (Phone, Internet) 800-435-1504, visit their website, or call 1-866-497-3059.

Mediacom (Cable, Phone): 800-332-0245

Directv  (Cable, Phone): 800-494-6272 Directv Website. Existing Customer: For bundling options with phone and internet services Click Here.

CenturyLink (Internet, Phone): 855-714-7802 or CenturyLink Website.

Nuvera (Internet): 844-354-4111 or www.Nuvera.net

Garbage/Waste Collection
Utilities Location Service

Gopher State One Call Phone: 800-252-1166