Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Many people can you seat in the Arlington Community Center?

A. Seating for 500 with tables and chairs; 1,000 people capacity.

Q. Are there enough parking spaces for a large event?

A. We have 150+ parking stalls (2 lots, 8 handicap spaces)

Q. Are we allowed to have alcohol? Can we bring in our own alcohol?

A. Outside alcohol is prohibited, you can not bring your own alcohol. If you choose to provide alcohol during your event, you must use our alcohol provider the Arlington Dugout or Double Tap Bowling & Sports Bar.

Q. What time must our event end?

A. All participants and equipment must be out of the facility by 1:00 a. m. Music and serving of alcohol must end at midnight.

Q. What can/cannot I use to decorate?

A. Contact the Community Center Coordinator for all decorating questions.

Q. Must we have an attendant/officer at our event?

A. The general rule of thumb is that when alcohol is being served, an attendant will be needed. When it is determined that an attendant/officer is necessary at the event, the fee cannot be waived.

Q. Are we allowed to sleep in the parking lot?

A. Renters and guests are welcome to leave unoccupied vehicles overnight. Occupied vehicles ( i.e. campers, RVs and trailers) are not allowed to be parked in the parking lot over night, so there for no sleeping allowed.