Fire Department


To minimize loss of life and property for the City of Arlington and surrounding townships from fire, natural disasters, life threatening situations and to assist other emergency agencies. To perform these service in an efficient manner by maintaining effective fire prevention, emergency response, fire suppression, and training.

Fire Chief John Zaske
312 West Alden St
(Emergency Services Building)
Phone: 507-964-2279
Email:  [email protected]
Department Members & Officers:

The Arlington Fire Department consists of 30 members.

Officers are as follows:
1st Asst Chief: Doug Mackenthun
2nd Asst Chief: Corey Carpenter
Secretary: Neil Holmquist
Training Officers:  Tom Pomplun & Bobbi Zaske

In addition to the Officers, Department members are:
Grant Bening, Ryan Benjamin, Chad Carpenter, Keith Dressen, Luke Geib, Howard Grey, Tim Haggenmiller, Spencer Haggenmiller, Ethan Henke, James Klingelhutz, Curtis Ling, Jason Litfin, Jeff Otto, Jen Otto, Jeremy Otto, Trevor Otto, Ali Pedraza, Jonathan Rose, Rick Schmidt, Jim Soeffker, Paul Soeffker, Michael Sutton, Tony Voigt, & Aaron Wisch

Vehicles in Department Fleet:

  • 2005 Grass Rig
  • 2005 Tanker
  • 2004 Rescue Truck
  • 1998 Pumper
  • 1990 Tanker
  • 2018 Grass Rig
  • 2014 Pumper



  • 15 MSA Air Packs
  • 2 Thermal Imaging Cameras
  • Tools for extraction to include: Spreaders, Cutters, Hydraulic Ram, & Backboards
  • 4 Ventilation Fans
  • Ladders
  • Various Hoses from 1-inch to 5-inch on the truck with many nozzles
  • Foam on both pumpers
  • 27 hand held portable radios
  • Light Tower – portable
  • 5 Generators
  • Medical Equipment on two trucks.
  • 2 Four gas air monitor
  • Breathing air compressor for filling our SCBA bottles on the MSA airpacks
  • Containment system for filling SCBA bottles
  • 2 Light towers mounted on trucks
Firefighter’s Pledge

I promise concern for others.
A willingness to help all those in need.
I promise courage – courage to face and conquer my fears.
Courage to share and endure the ordeal of those who need me.
I promise strength – strength of heart to bear whatever burdens might be placed on me.
Strength of body to deliver to safety all those placed within my care.
I promise the wisdom to lead, the compassion to comfort, and the love to serve unselfishly whenever I am called.


The fire department responds to many different kinds of calls a year including: fires, medicals, car accidents, alarms, weather watches, bomb threats, sandbagging, and search and rescue. On initial response to a fire, AFD has 8,000 gallons of water in the trucks.  AFD responds to an average of 50 calls a year, with an average response of 15 firefighters a call.

Service Area

The Arlington Fire Department is a paid-on call department. The fire department provides service for the City of Arlington and 6 townships. Those townships include: Arlington, Dryden, Green Isle, Jessenland, Kelso, and New Auburn.


The Arlington Fire Department provides mutual aid to all communities surrounding our fire district and also provides assistance with the area ambulance services in terms of lifting and loading patients and preparing them for transport. The Arlington Fire Department also provides assistance to the Sibley County Sheriff’s Dept. and Arlington Police Dept. when requested.

Awards and Grants

When receiving awards and grants, the monies are utilized to purchase equipment and provide training to help the firefighters better serve and protect their fire district.


The fire department trains the second and last Wednesdays during the months of April through October and the last Wednesday evening during November through March for a total of 18 varied trainings. All firefighters are trained and certified to Firefighter I level (approx. 160 hours).  25 firefighter’s are First Responder trained (approx. 48 hours), and 3 firefighters are Haz-mat Operations trained (28 hours).
Additional training is also taken throughout the year on weekends through different colleges and conferences.

Fire Awareness Week

The Arlington Fire Department would like to promote Fire Prevention 52 weeks a year, but have set aside the first full week in October as Fire Prevention Week. During that time, there are a few members of the Fire Department that go to the elementary school to speak to the students about Fire Prevention. There are also some members that provide these same services to areas such as Highland Commons and Senior Apartments in Amberfield to name a few. 


The Arlington Fire Department hosts a number of fundraisers for the community. The AFD hosts a Fall Block Party at the Sibley County Fairgrounds, which includes a pork chop dinner and live music. Additional information is provided prior to this event.

Charges for Fire Department Services

According to Minnesota State Statue 366.011, .012, & 415.01 cities have the authority to charge citizens for a fire utility fee. Many cities utilize this as a way to keep updated equipment and personnel available to serve the community at a moment’s notice while still maintaining minimal tax increases that are necessary for day to day operations.

The members of the fire department have joined this organization with the willingness to help citizens in time of need. The firefighters are considered paid-on call. When the fire department is paged out for a call the firefighters are paid an hourly wage that is set by the city. The firefighters still volunteer many hours a year in various trainings, meetings, and other community activities. Many billed residents/individuals feel that they are being treated unfairly by getting a bill for a service that is needed at a very emotional and stressful time in life. The City of Arlington has always been very flexible in working with people or insurance companies when dealing with a outstanding bill. The fee charged for this service does not cover the annual expenses associated with the fire department. The department responds to many different calls a year in the fire district, from motorists traveling through on the road, to people having rental property. Sometimes the city has a very difficult time getting a payment. This accounts for many hours of billing and collection fees that the city has to endure while still maintaining an operating budget for the department. This service fee can be looked at like other services that the city provides to residents.

Fire Department Meeting Agendas

The entire billing procedure can be seen by looking under ordinance Nos. 189, 191 and 257 of the ordinance section of the City of Arlington website.