Civic Organizations

Arlington residents and businesses take great pride in their community and are actively involved in a number of community organizations and events that enhance our quality of life. There is a bond we share and celebrate through community groups like the Arli-Dazzle (Probably the Largest Lighted Parade) Committee, Arlington Historical Society, Parks Committee, and Arlington Chamber of Commerce.

Along with our community spirit, Arlington is also home to a variety of recreational activities offered through our Sibley East Community Education/Recreation Program and many parks, as well as through our many athletic associations.

Below you will find a list of civic and service organizations as a clickable link to their website and/or contact information for more information.  Please consider getting involved in our community.


Phone Number 
4H – Arlington Conquerors Jolene Dose 320-583-3159
4H – High Island Clovers Gwen Scharpe 612-227-0030
American Legion Post #250 Galen Wills 507-964-5460
VFW Post #6031    
Arli-Dazzle Arlington Chamber  
Arlington Good Samaritan Center Aux   507-964-2251
Arlington Baseball Association Bob Thomes 507-964-2905
Arlington Pubic Library League Andrew Kelton 507-964-2490
Cub Scouts Doug Seeman 507-964-2597
Boy Scouts Keith Herd 507-964-5910
Ducks Unlimited Dean Bergersen 507-964-5570
Chamber of Commerce  Derek Hahn 507-964-2246
Garden Club Larry Gieseke 507-304-2852
Girl Scouts Mary Hennies 507-964-5888
Golden Agers Doug Mueller 952-412-6373
Knights of Columbus Scott Bates 630-200-1826
Lions Nancy Mathwig 507-964-5765
Pheasants Forever Jon Harbarth 507-237-5679
Ridgeview Sibley Medical Center Auxiliary Mary Seeman 507-964-2813
Ridgeview Sibley Medical Center Foundation Kim Quast 507-380-6137
SE Community Education/Recreation Jen Strack 507-964-8235
Sibley Star Quilters Joan Pinske 507-964-5449

2022 Mayoral Appointees and Committees

Appointees To Municipal Offices:   

Vice Mayor Council Member Michelle Battcher
City Attorney Attorney Ross Arneson
Health Officer Representative Sibley County Public Health
Emergency Management Director Tim Haggenmiller


Delegates to Extra Municipal Agencies:

Minnesota Municipal Utility Association (MMUA) Delegates: Council Member Dave Meyer
  City Administrator 
Minnesota Municipal Power Association (MMPA) Delegates: City Administrator 
  Deputy City Clerk Lisa Tesch
A-GI Wastewater Board Delegates: Council Member John Thomes
  Council Member Michelle Battcher
  PeopleService Representative
Minnesota Valley Regional Rail Coalition (MVRRC) Delegate: City Administrator 
Ridgeview Sibley Medical Center Foundation: Council Member John Thomes
Sibley County Library Board Representative: City Administrator 


Council Committees  (All Council Members serve one year terms)

Employee Relations Committee Council Member Michelle Battcher
  Council Member Matt Scharpe


Miscellaneous Committees:

Fire Fighter Relief Committee Mayor Richard Nagel
  City Administrator 
  Fire Chief Doug Mackenthun
Fire Department Committee Council Member Joe Morgan
  Council Member Dave Meyer
  Fire Department Officer Corp
Emergency Operations Plan Mayor Richard Nagel
  City Administrator 
  Emergency Manager Dir. Tim Haggenmiller
  Fire Chief Doug Mackenthun
  Police Chief 
  Ambulance Director Jamie Weikle
  Main. Supervisor Kirby Weckworth


Citizen Committees  (All Council members serve 1 year terms)
Cemetery Committee: (Term Length: 2 Years )

Staff Representatives: City Administrator 
  Maintenance Supervisor Kirby Weckworth
Council Member Appointee: Council Member Dave Meyer
Citizen Appointees: Craig McCourt (2022)
  Lyle Rud (2022)
  Marge Erickson (2023)
  Dan Hislop (2023)
  Jeanne Bearson (2023)
  Morris Mesenbring (2022)


Event Center Committee (Term Length: Two Years)

Staff Representative: City Administrator
  Event Center Coordinator Gwen Scharpe
  Maintenance Supervisor Kirby Weckworth
Council Member Appointee: Council Member Matt Scharpe
Council Appointees: Kurt Menk (2022)
  Leon Dose (2022)
  Tim Haggenmiller (2022)
  Nancy Mathwig (2023)
  Julie Warweg (2023)
  Deb Brinkman (2023)



Economic Development Authority (Term Length: 6 Years)

Staff Representative EDA Director 
Council Member Appointees Council Member Matt Scharpe
  Council Member Joe Morgan
Citizen Appointees Dean Bergerson (2023)
  Larry Sorenson (2025)
  Tim Kloeckl (2022)
  Kurt Menk (2026)
  Howard Brinkman (2027)


Library Committee (Term Length: 2 Years)

Staff Representative: Library Director Andrew Kelton
Council Appointee: City Administrator 
Citizen Appointees: Pauline Wiemann (2023)
  Sue Morrisette (2022)
  Tara Sabako (2023)
  Sheila Arneson (2023)
  Galen Wills (2023)
  Jean Olson (2022)
 Sibley County Library Board Rep: City Administrator 


Parks Committee (Term Length: 2 Years)

Staff Representative:

Maintenance Supervisor Kirby Weckworth

P & Z Administrator 

Council Member Appointee: Council Member Dave Meyer
Citizen Appointees: Al Ihrke (2022)
  Michael Christeson (2022)
  Robert Thomes (2022)
  Gary Hultgren (2023)
  Karan Pichelmann (2023)
  Jerry Ebersviller (2023)


Planning and Zoning Committee (Term Length: 3 Years)

Staff Representative: Consulting P&Z Administrator 
Council Member Appointee: Council Member Michelle Battcher
  Council Member Dave Meyer
Citizen Appointees: Joe Prasad (2023)
  Tom Hatlestad (2022)
  Jeanne Bearson (2023)
  Brandon Brinkman (2022)
  Vacant (2024)


Shade Tree Committee (Term Length: One Year)

Staff Representative: City Administrator 
  Maintenance Supervisor Kirby Weckworth
Council Member Appointee: Mayor Richard Nagel
Citizen Appointees: Jeff Pinske (2022)
  Jason Ruehling (2022)
  Dale Stern (2022)

Task Forces and Commissions
Arlington Historical Society:

Staff Representative: None
Board of Directors/Volunteers: Debbie Weckwerth
  Pauline Wiemann
  Dwight Grabitske
  Ramona Bade
  Richard Trocke
  Lowell Nagel

Linda Plieseis

Sharon Shimota

Community Ed/ Summer Rec. Advisory Board:

  Mayor Rich Nagel (non-voting)
Councilmember Appointee: Council Member Michelle Battcher
Citizen Appointees: Karen Pichelmann
  Evea Traxler