Event Center Rules & Rental Policy

Effective 01/1/2023


Thank you for selecting the Arlington Event Center! The Arlington Event Center is operated and managed by the City of Arlington under the policies and guidelines established by the Arlington City Council. The Event Center also serves as the location of City Hall and is available for general community use.

The City Council recognizes the desirability of having the Event Center used as much as possible. This policy promotes the active use of the Event Center while establishing priorities for use of the facilities and outlining scheduling procedures and guidelines. It also sets reasonable rules and regulations for use of the facility. To clearly communicate this policy, we ask that you read this policy and abide by it.

Reservation Procedures

Please contact Gwen Scharpe at 507-964-2378 to tour and reserve the Arlington Event Center. 

Hours of Use

The Event Center is available for rent any day of the week, Monday through Sunday. The Event Center will open no earlier than 6:00 a.m. and will close no later than midnight. Following the event, one hour or up to 1:00 a.m., the renter will be allowed time to gather their personal items/equipment and clean-up. All participants and equipment must be out of the facility by 1:00 a.m. It will be at the discretion of the Event Center Coordinator, and availability of cleaning staff, if the Event Center will be available on holidays. If the Event Center Coordinator approves rental on a holiday, the normal rental rates will be charged.

General Policies

The renter is responsible for enforcing the policies of the Arlington Event Center.

The renter agrees to follow these policies:

  • Comply with all City Ordinances, Minnesota State Statutes, Federal Laws, and the established rules for use which apply to authorized use of the Event Center.
  • Supervise the conduct of the participants at their event.
  • This is a smoke free public facility. Damages such as cigarette burns or smoke damages will be charged to the renter.
  • Illegal Gambling is prohibited.
  • The renter shall assume full responsibility for any unlawful act committed in the exercise of the lease.
  • Use of Event Center dishes/silverware/cookware by any group needs to be approved by the Event Center Coordinator and paid for.
  • Disorderly conduct of participants is prohibited.
  • All persons and any equipment not owned by the City must leave the Event Center at the end of the contracted time. No items from the event are to be left overnight. The Event Center is not responsible for items that have been left here during setup the day before or left behind after the group has exited the facility.
  • Children must be under the direct supervision of an adult at all times.
  • The lease holder shall assume all responsibilities for noise levels of their participants and noise levels shall not disturb other groups.
  • All bands and audio equipment must stop play by midnight.
  • Leave facility and parking lot in a clean and orderly fashion.
  • Renters will be fully responsible for any damage to the facility or equipment.
  • Any damage to the facility or equipment must be reported as soon as possible to City staff.
  • Trash should be placed in designated containers.
  • One key is given per event. The key shall not be copied or duplicated and shall be returned within two business days.
Violation of Policies

The City reserves the right to end any event early if policies are violated. A violation of these policies may result in a withholding from your damage deposit and may also result in the denial of future use of the Event Center.

Alcohol Beverages/Food

Events that have 50 people or less are allowed to bring alcoholic beverages into the facility as long as there is not any monetary transaction for the alcohol. The police will also do a walkthrough during the event.

Events with more than 50 or people are not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages into the facility. For events of 51 or more the City may designate a holder of an on-sale intoxicating liquor license to serve liquor at the Event Center. However, it is the responsibility of the renter to make all arrangements with the liquor license provider of their choosing. The City does not authorize the serving of bottles for alcohol consumption. Liquor that comes in bottles must be served in a plastic glass. Alcoholic beverages shall not be consumed outside of the building. Consumption of intoxicating beverages must cease at the conclusion of the event or at midnight, whichever comes first.

It is the responsibility of the renter to make all arrangements with the food provider of their choosing. The relationship will be between the renter and the food provider, not the City of Arlington. The fully equipped licensed kitchen is available for use to all renters who chose to rent the kitchen. The rental of the kitchen must be paid before the event.

Fees are charged to the respective bar when alcohol is served at an event and to any caterer who utilizes the kitchen. Each vendor decides whether to pass along this fee to their client.

Catering Serving Fee   Bar Fees  
Number of guests served Catering Fee Number of guests Bar Fee
1-100 $1/Person 1-200 $100
101-200 $150 201-300 $200
201-400 $250 301-400 $300
401+ $350 401-500 $400
    500+ $500

Renters have the option of setting up themselves, or contracting (for a fee) with the City for set-up (tables and chairs only, no dishes, linens or decorating). If the City does the set-up, the renter must provide a floor plan to the Event Center Coordinator 14 days prior to rental date. Renters are not allowed to pull-out or put away the partition walls; this is only to be done by City staff or the cleaning crew.


The Event Center Coordinator and City Staff have the right to refuse certain decorations. Renters are encouraged to discuss all decorating plans with the Event Center Coordinator before decorating.

The renter agrees to follow the following guidelines when decorating:

  • There are permanent hooks over the 3 entrance doors, long windows, and top of the stage to hang lights, bows, tulle, etc. The City also has spring tension rods to use between the window frames.
  • The use of tape (includes 2-sided with plastic hooks), pins or tacks, 3M hooks, tacky glue, or any other decorating device on any painted or varnished surface is not allowed. (Includes walls; wood trim around stage/windows/doors/trophy cases in hallway or metal trim around doors/bathroom stalls)
  • The use of tape, pins, tacks, glue or any other adhesive type products are not a permitted use on any ceilings. The use of magnetic hooks to attach items to the ceiling tiles is acceptable. Any damage to the Ceiling tile from a renter hanging items from the ceiling will be the responsibility of the renter. In the event that the City was to purchase its own hanging material and/or devices; a renter will be able to hang items from the ceiling on city provided hangers/devices only.
  • Renters must use their own ladders or other devices to hang items from the ceiling. The City will not provide a ladder.
  • Clear Scotch Tape or Electrical Tape (no duct/masking/packaging tape) may be used on the windowpane (but not on the window frame), the vinyl baseboard and floor.
  • Tape (no duct/packaging tape) and/or tacks may be used on the black painted plywood stage floor only (not the varnished wood trim).
  • The City does not allow any type of sand/pebble/rock to be brought into the facility along with glitter, rice, birdseed, or confetti.
  • Water fountains are permitted with the understanding the renter must guarantee no leaks
  • Candles are permitted, but must be in a container/holder of sufficient size for the candle so wax does not drip onto the tables, linens, and/or floor.
  • All decorations must be removed from the facility by the conclusion of the event, unless other arrangements are made with the Community Center Coordinator prior to the event.
  • A violation of this section may result in a withholding from your damage deposit.

While the City’s cleaning staff does the cleaning, the renter is still responsible for the following:

Cleaning of Rented Rooms

  • Remove all decorations and personal items from the facility.
  • Place all garbage into the garbage cans.
  • All liquids should be poured down the drain and not placed in garbage cans.
  • Put all table linens into cloth bags provided (stored in kitchen).
  • Renters are responsible for sanitizing and putting away tables and chairs.  If the Renters fail to sanitize and put away the tables and chairs, the fee will come out of the damage deposit.

Cleaning of Kitchen (If you rent the kitchen)

  • Empty all garbage containers into the outside dumpster.
  • Wipe off all countertops. (Dish cloths are available in the kitchen)
  • Completely drain the water from the dishwasher after use and turn the unit off.
  • Run the garbage disposal long enough to cycle through all waste. Do not put plastic straws, non-food items, or bones in the disposal.
  • Empty coffee maker & clean by running a full cycle on each side through without coffee grounds and completely drain.
  • Put all items back in their respective areas.
  • Do not remove towels from kitchen areas, hang over sink to dry.
  • Do not use dish towels for spills and cleaning purposes.
  • Do not remove any item that belongs to the City.
  • Do not bring in any propane containers or propane run appliances into building.
  • Bring your own containers to take leftovers and cake tops home.

Failure to following these cleaning guidelines may result in a withholding from your damage deposit.

Notice of Responsibility/Liability

The City of Arlington hopes that you and the participants at your event will all have an enjoyable and safe time at our facility.

This section is to notify you that the City of Arlington, the operator of the Event Center, is responsible only to maintain the building and its structural components and systems, such as plumbing, lighting and electricity, in a safe and operable condition. The City is not responsible for the conduct of persons participating in events held at the facility. It is your responsibility as the renter of the facility and the sponsor of the event to see to it that the participants use the facility in a safe and reasonable manner and obey all laws.

Likewise, the City is not responsible for the conduct of any persons or businesses hired by you to work at the event, including, but not limited to, the liquor servers (as provided under city contract), food caterers, decorators or entertainers hired to service the event. The renter shall take complete responsibility for the conduct of its group or others present during the rental period, and agree to compensate the City of Arlington for all damages to the facility, equipment, or other property owned by the City incurred during the rental period. Further more, the renter assumes all liability for any personal injuries, including death caused by participants at the scheduled event.

Any disputes or claims of liability involving such providers of services are matters strictly between you, the event participants, and the providers. You agree that neither you nor the participants at your event shall file any claim against or involve the City in any legal action regarding such matters.

Overnight Parking

Renters and guests are welcome to leave unoccupied vehicles overnight. Occupied vehicles ( ie. campers, RVs, and trailers) are not allowed to be parked in the parking lot overnight. Communication of intention to leave vehicles overnight will be between the renter and the Event Center Coordinator and the Police Department.