Mayor & Council

Front Row (L to R): Michelle Battcher, Administrator Pat Melvin, Mayor Rich Nagel, Jim Heiland. Back Row (L to R): Adam Cowell, Tom Hatlestad, Ben Jaszewski, City Attorney Ross Arneson.


The City of Arlington operates under the home rule charter form of government.  The City Council is composed of five council members (four year terms each) and the mayor (four-year term) who exercises the legislative functions and determines all policy.  The City Administrator is appointed by the City Council and is responsible for the administration of city affairs.  Many committees work with the Council providing advice, ideas, and resources, which allows for more citizen input.

Mayor Nagel’s 2018 City Council Goals



2019 Arlington City Council

Meet the Council Members

IMG_8638_ppMayor: Richard Nagel 

Address: 311 E. Clinton Street PO Box 206 

Home Phone: N/A

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Initial Term: January 2015 

Term Expires: December 2022

Committees: All

Councilmember: Laura Gilman

Address: 213 E. Main St.

Home Phone: 612-618-9092

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Initial Term: January 2015 – appointed August 2019 to fill term of Jim Heiland

Term Expires: December 2022

Committees: MMUA, A-GI, Streets, Utilities, Fire Dept.




Councilmember: Michelle Battcher

Address: 511 Freedom Dr.

Home Phone: 507-995-5090

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Initial Term: January 2015

Term Expires: December 2022

Committees: A-GI, Employee Relations, Finance, Police, Ambulance, EDA, Planning & Zoning

Councilmember: Joe Morgan


Home Phone: N/A

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Initial Term: January 2013 – appointed Sept. 2019 to fill term of James “Ben” Jaszewski

Term Expires: December 2020

Committees: Prairie Line Trails, Finance, Parks, Ambulance Dept., RSMC Foundation, Finance, Public Buildings, Parks, Comm. Ed. 

Councilmember: Adam Cowell

Address: 307 West Chandler St. 

Home Phone: N/A

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Initial Term: January 2017

Term Expires: December 2020

Committees: Public Buildings, Utilities, Fire Dept., Cemetery, Comm. Ctr, Library

Councilmember: Tom Hatlestad

Address: 101 West Shamrock Drive

Home Phone: 507-964-2773

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Initial Term: January 2017

Term Expires: December 2020

Committees: Cable Commission, Employee Relations Committee, Streets, Police, EDA 


COA_RossArnesonCity Attorney: Ross Arneson

Office Address: 302 West Main Street, PO Box 529

Phone: 507-964-5753

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