Mayor & Council

The City of Arlington operates under the home rule charter form of government.  The City Council is composed of five council members (four-year terms each) and the mayor (four-year term) who exercises the legislative functions and determines all policy.  The City Administrator is appointed by the City Council and is responsible for the administration of city affairs.  Many committees work with the Council providing advice, ideas, and resources, which allows for more citizen input.

City Council 2022 Goals


2023 Arlington City Council

Meet the Council Members


Matthew Scharpe


Initial Term: January 2023

Term Expires: December 2026

Committees: All

Vice Mayor

Dave Meyer


Initial Term: Appointed February 2022

Term Expires: December 2024

Committees: Planning & Zoning, Parks, Cemetery, Fire Department

Council Member

Jeff Matz

Initial Term: January 2023 

Term Expires: December 2026

Committees: EDA, Event Center

Council Member

John Thomes

Initial Term:  January 2021

Term Expires:  December 2024

Committees:  Ridgeview Sibley Medical Center, AGI Wastewater, Library Committee

Council Member

Christina Litfin

Initial Term:  January 2023

Term Expires:  December 2026

Committees:  Planning & Zoning, Employee Relations, Community Education


Council Member

Curtis Ling

Initial Term:  Appointed January of 2023

Term Expires:  December 2024

Committees:  Fire Department, EDA, Employee Relations



City Attorney

Ken Janssen

Office Address: 1017 Hennepin Ave N

Glencoe, MN  55336

Phone: 320-864-5142

Email Ken