F-L City Ordinances

The City of Arlington’s Ordinances are listed alphabetically by main topic addressed in the ordinance.  Click on the corresponding number below to view the specific ordinance: 

Fee Schedule 219
Fences (Commercial/Industrial) 176
Fences (Commercial/ Industrial) (Amended) 183
Fences (Residential) 173
Fences (Residential) (Amended) 182
Fences (Residential) (Amended I) 190
Fire Department Call Billing Procedures 189
Fire Department Call Billing Procedures(Amended) 191
Fire Department Call Billing Procedures (Amended) 257
Fire Department Call Billing Procedures (Amended) 285
Flood Plains 240
Foundations 188
Gambling Licenses 298
General Building and Yard Standards 250
Handicap Access Ramps 275
Highway 5 Parking 268
Home Occupations 281
Hospital Board 248
12 General Industrial District (Performance Standards) 249
Interim Use Permits 245
Library Committee Rules 204
Library Committee Rules (Amended) 237
Limited Manufacturing- Central Business District 301
Liquor Codification (Amended) 267
Liquor Licenses, Temporary 164
Liquor Ordinance Superceded 280
Liquor Ordinance (Amended ) 287
Liquor Ordinance (Amended I) 295
Liquor Ordinance (Sunday Off- Sale Liquor) 315