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Xcel Energy is conducting maintenance work on the transmission lines that serve the City of Arlington’s electrical substations.  As a part of the required work, electrical service interruptions to local residences and businesses will occur.


On Wednesday, April 23 beginning at 6:00 AM, a series of short outages (less than half an hour) will occur as line crews transfer electrical service from one substation to another.   This will allow Xcel Energy crews to conduct their maintenance work throughout the day.  Upon completion, another series of outages is expected after 4:00 PM. 


In case of inclement weather, the maintenance work will be rescheduled for Thursday, April 24.




In anticipation of WARMER temps in the coming weeks, the graveled alleyways will become soft very quickly and will not handle large garbage trucks driving on them.  Arlington City Staff is asking all residents to place their garbage cans and recycling containers street/curbside.  The garbage companies have been contacted and asked to refrain from driving through the graveled alleyways until such time as they have had a chance to dry out (possibly 1-3 months depending on the spring).  This will become effective Monday, MARCH 17th and continue until further notice. 

Areas with cement alleyways are

exempt from this notice.


City of Arlington

Maintenance Supervisor Jason Lovaas


Energy Star Rebates

Appliance & Recycling Rebate

Central AC and Tune-Up Rebate

Central AC/Quality Install Rebate

Residential CFL Rebate

Residential LED Rebate

Various rebate options are available to commercial customers.  Please contact City Offices, (507)-964-2378 for more information and forms.

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Minnesota Municipal Power Agency

2012 Annual Report (Link)

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City of Arlington
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Arlington, MN  55307

Phone: 507-964-2378

(8:00am – 5:00pm Monday-Friday)

Fax: 507-964-5973

On-Call:  507-327-6601

(After Hours, Weekends & Holidays)

E-mail:    cityhall@arlingtonmn.com
Website:  www.arlingtonmn.com

Call 911 for all Emergencies

Call 964-5200 for all other

Police related issues

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  • Grass Clipping Notice
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