U-Z City Ordinances

The City of Arlington’s Ordinances are listed Alphabetically by main topic addressed in the Ordinance.  Click on the corresponding number below to view the specific ordinance. 

Utility Billing Collection Policy 299
Urban Reserve District 279
Variance Standards 263
Water, Sewer & Electric Rates 288
Water & Sewer Service Line Policy  
Water and Sewer Systems, Unlawful Private 200
Water and Sewer Systems, Unlawful Private (Amended) 261
Wind Energy Conversion Systems (WECS) 212
Zoning Amended (Zoning Map Update) 255
Zoning Amended (Zoning Map Link) Link
Zoning Amended (Zoning Map Update) 318
Zoning Appeals ans Adjustment Board, Establishment of 229
Zoning Ordinance 169
Zoning Ordinance (Amended 2/11/2015) 169A
Zoning of City Cemetery (Amended 11/20/17) 316