A-E City Ordinances

The City of Arlington’s Ordinances are listed alphabetically by main topic addressed in the ordinance.  Click on the corresponding number below to view the specific ordinance:
Accessory Buildings,private swimming pools, pet limitations, vehicle park 165A  
Accessory Structures-Architectural Detail 276  
Accessory Structures (Amended) 262  
Accessory Structures (Zoning Ord Amendment) 222  
Accessory Structures (Moratorium) 213  
Accessory Structures Size 265  
Accessory Use 266  
Administrative Permits 277  
Adult Establishments 170  
Adult Establishments (Interim) 171  
Assessment Policy 214  
Assessment Policy (Amended) 226  
Assessment Policy (Amended II) 242  
Assessment Policy (Amended III- Methods of Assessment) 252  
Background Checks 244  
B-1 Service Business District Setbacks 251  
B-2 Central Business District (Residential Uses Within) 270  
Boundary Line Adjustments 282  
Building Code, Minnesota 166  
Building Code, Minnesota 174  
Building Code, Minnesota (Updated) 218  
Building Permit/ Delinquent Accounts 225  
Cable Franchise 162  
Catering and Alcoholic Beverage Sales 272  
Cell Towers/ Telecommunications Towers (Amended) 215  
Cell Towers/ Telecommunications Towers 196  
Cemetery Committee, Establishment and Rules of 205  
Cemetery Committee, Establishment and Rules of (Amended) 232  
Cemetery Rules of Operation 197  
Central Business District 297  
Charter Amendment, City of Arlington 230  
City Code 313  
Committee Member Pay 294  
Community Center Committee, Establishment and Rules of 290  
Complete Streets Policy 305  
Conditional Use Permits- Revocation, Expiration 284  
Council Meetings Amended (Postings/Compensation/Special Meetings) 217  
Council Meetings, Special 167  
Council Meetings, Special (Amended) 207  
Curfew 41  
Demolition and Disposal of Buildings 175  
Drone Aerial Vehicles 303  
Drug Clean-up 194  
Dumpsters 224  
 Emergency Operations Plan