Now Hiring

The City of Arlington is currently hiring new maintenance personnel.

Minimum Qualifications: Must possess a high school diploma or GED. One or more years of experience working in general maintenance and repair work, truck driving, and operation of various types of light and heavy equipment. Preferred Qualifications: Experience working for a city or county public works department. Experience in general maintenance/janitorial work, tree trimming and removal or construction. Conditions of Employment: Must maintain a primary residence within thirty (30) minutes’ drive to the contiguous city limits of Arlington driving under normal conditions and posted speed limits within six (6) months of employment. Must possess and maintain a valid Minnesota Class “B” or higher Commercial Driver’s License (or the ability to obtain in one month of employment) and be able to drive. It is preferred the applicant possess and maintain a valid Special Engineer’s Boiler’s License (or the ability to obtain in one year of employment). Satisfactory completion of background investigation, physical examination and drug testing. Must comply with organizational and departmental policies. Must comply with data practices policies and standards relative to not public data. Any access to not public data should be strictly limited to accessing the data that are necessary to fulfill the employment responsibility. While data are being accessed, incumbent should take reasonable measure to ensure the not public data are not accessed by individuals without a work reason. Once the work reason to access the data is reasonably finished, the not public data must be properly stored according to city policy and Minnesota Statutes.

Salary: $17.32 – $21.07/hour plus benefits. For job description and required application, go on-line at or contact Arlington City Offices, 204 Shamrock Drive, Arlington, MN 55307 – (507) 964-2378. Required application is due to the City Administrator no later than 5:00 p.m. on May 1, 2020. Interviews are scheduled for May 6, 2020. The City of Arlington is an Equal Opportunity Employer.