Adopt a Park or Trail in the City of Arlington

Who can adopt a park?

Everyone! As a volunteer, you have a unique opportunity to donate time to your community and enjoy the results of your hard work. Your volunteer efforts increase public awareness of the importance of pride in our parks and trail, and demonstrate a commitment to your community.  As an individual, group or business, you can create a better place for yourself and the next generation. The program is not designed to replace regular maintenance of the parks. Adopt-A-Park/Trail brings together volunteers of all ages and backgrounds to make the parks/trail a friendlier and more enjoyable place to visit. The City of Arlington is looking for all volunteers such as:

  • Individuals/Families
  • Scouts
  • Youth/School Groups
  • Churches
  • Businesses
What areas can be adopted?
  • Sportsman’s Park, 387th Ave
    • Four Seasons Park, 301 1st Ave S. Adopted
    • Frenzel Park, West Baker Street –  Adopted
    • Fairview Park, 407 7th Ave NW  Adopted
    • Memorial Park, 500 West Douglas St.    Adopted
    • Prairie Line Walking Trail    Adopted
What do we do if we adopt a Park/Trail?
    • Pick up litter at a designated park or trail; free bags are available at the City Office or Public Works Building, 600 E. Main Street.
    • Keep storm drains clean.
    • Engage in and assist in special park projects.
    • Put litter in trash receptacles.
    • Be an additional pair of eyes at the park or trail; call 507-964-2378 with any reports of damage, illegal dumping, graffiti, repair needs, potential hazards such as downed tree limbs.
    • Educate the community.
How do I Adopt-A-Park/Trail?
  • Contact the City Office at (507) 964-2378 to find available parks/trail.
  • Fill out Adoption Proposal and Agreement and Liability Waiver, and return to the City Office, 204 West Shamrock Drive.
  • We ask for a commitment of one year of service to your adopted park or trail. We also ask that volunteers perform tasks at their location a minimum of once per month unless it is a special project.
What forms are required?
Any specific qualifications/desired skills?
  • Enjoy being outdoors.
  • Take pride in keeping City parks and trail safe and clean.
  • Willing to follow through on a commitment.
  • Dependable and responsible.
  • Group leader or each individual sign and return the Adoption Proposal and Agreement Form.
  • Every group member must read the Program Safety Guidelines and then, sign and return the Liability Waiver. Minors are required to have a parent or guardian signature.
What does the City supply to the volunteers?

Volunteer groups are asked to provide their own safety clothing, tools and equipment.  If needed, the City can provide tools and supplies to assist you in your duties.  The following tools and supplies are available to volunteers:

  • Bags and latex gloves.
  • Litter stick (“garbage picker-upper”).
  • Tools, such as rakes, hoes and brooms.
  • Painting supplies, such as paint, graffiti solvent, rollers, brushes and pans.
  • Safety equipment, such as vests, goggles and masks.

With the exception of bags and gloves, all painting supplies and tools are loaned on a checkout basis.

  • An official Certificate of Adoption.
  • A sign with the adoptee name posted at the adoption site after 40 reported volunteer hours. Posted on a first-come first-serve basis, the sign will remain at the site as long as the group/individual is an active volunteer.
    Note:  This is an unsupervised position.

For any questions please contact the City Office at (507) 964-2378.