Pet Tags Due

In accordance with the terms of the City Code, Chapter 11: 

–PETS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO RUN AT LARGE WITHIN THE ARLINGTON CITY LIMITS.  They must either be leashed or cabled/chained, kenneled or in a fenced yard and not allowed to roam freely.

–All domesticated pets (dogs and cats) must be licensed.  All licenses issued in 2017 will EXPIRE MARCH 31ST.  Please stop by the City Office before April 1st to obtain a 2018 pet license.  The cost for a pet license is $5.00.  A health certificate showing that the pet is current on its rabies vaccination is required.  (Due to the Spring vaccination schedule, your pet may not be due for vaccinations until after April 1st, you should still license your pet in March to avoid late fees.  You will be permitted to bring the health certificate in at a later date.)

–Licensing your pet assures that it will be taken care of and returned safely if it gets loose and then picked up by the Police Department.

–A total of 3 adult (includes spayed or neutered) pets are allowed per household (i.e. 3 dogs, 3 cats, or a combination thereof).

–If you have lost (ran away, gave away, died) a pet within the last year, please notify the City Office so we can remove the pet from our current listing.  We will be following up on our listing of pets again this year with the help of our local Police Department.

–Any person or entity found to be in violation of this Ordinance shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine, plus all veterinary impoundment and boarding charges, and in the case of destruction of an animal, any veterinary charge for said service. 


By Order of the Arlington City Council



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