Draft Ordinance

Ordinance Amend CBD to allow Auto Repair

2018 City Council Goals

2018 Arlington City Council Goals

Economic development

  1. Acquire access to the south Industrial Park
  2. Conduct a housing study to identify the type of housing needed within the City
  3. Take steps to improve business retention and attraction


  1. Work to resolve the limited radio reception throughout the City
  2. Research options for replacing existing City phone system
  3. Review Information Technology Services based on customer service and functionality.

Strategic management

  1. Conduct a strategic planning process with input from the public
  2. Update the existing Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)
  3. Develop a five year budget process

Organizational effectiveness

  1. Develop staff and management team
  2. Scan documents for retention in a management system and discard hard copy records.
  3. Streamline departments through updating job descriptions and cross-training

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Resident house watch information

Are you going away for the holidays or going on vacation this winter? Would you like the police to watch over your house when you are gone? Please fill out this form and return it to the Police Department at 108 4th Ave. NW. Take the stress out of your vacation.

Click here for the form. 

2 in Snow Fall Notice


VEHICLES, TRAILERS – The City of Arlington will be hauling and plowing snow anytime there is a snowfall of two (2) inches or more.  We ask that all residents park all vehicle(s) and trailer(s) off the streets and avenues until they are plowed curb to curb, or they will be ticketed and towed.  In accordance with the terms of Section 4 of Ordinance 216, vehicles that interfere with City maintenance activity, such as snow removal, may be towed to a designated area at the expense of the owner.  The vehicle may be impounded until all parking fines, towing and storage charges have been paid.  Unclaimed vehicles shall be sold and the proceeds applied first against such fines and charges.  Repeat violators will be towed without additional notice.

SIDEWALKS – Per City Ordinance 178:  Accumulation of snow or ice on public sidewalks constitutes a public nuisance.  It is unlawful for any person to remove snow or ice from private property and place on public property.  The property owner or occupant of the abutting property is required to remove snow and ice from all public sidewalks within 12 hours after such snow or ice has eased to be deposited upon such sidewalk.  Failure to remove the snow or ice within 24 hours may be a cause for the City to do so itself.  If the City, or an agent assigned by the City, has to remove the snow, the City will bill the property owner accordingly.  Unpaid bills for snow removal will be a cause for a special assessment against the property.

BUSINESS DISTRICT PARKING – In the event of snow accumulation, vehicles are to PARK PARALLEL TO THE STREET in the business district (Main Street and side streets) until such time that the entire street (curb to curb) has been cleared of snow.

DUMPSTERS – No dumpster shall be placed in the public right-of-way during the winter snow season, which is defined as the period from November 1 to the next following April 1.

SNOWMOBILES & ALL-TERRAIN VEHICLES (ATVs) – City ordinance requires that snowmobiles and ATVs must use public roadways, streets, or alleys by the most direct route when entering or leaving town.  Snowmobiles and ATVs are not to be operated on sidewalks or boulevards, nor are they to be operated on private property without prior consent of the property owner.  No snowmobile or ATV shall be operated on any cemetery land or city park or recreation area.  Speed is not to exceed 15 miles per hour within city limits.  Also, please be aware that the TC&W Railroad, Minnesota Prairie Line, and Minnesota Valley Rail Authority prohibit snowmobiles and ATVs to operate on or traverse their property.

If this snowmobile/ATV ordinance is violated, a fine will be imposed or the City Council will consider eliminating all snowmobile and ATV travel within the City limits.

Thank you for your cooperation.




Lead in your Drinking Water?

Recently ten homes in our community had their household drinking water tested for lead and copper, and the testing was conducted under rules adopted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. However, a few of the samples that were taken used improper sampling techniques, and therefore the City does not believe that the results accurately reflect the water supply system. As a result, more than ten percent of the homes tested, were above the federal action level for lead in drinking water. The City has undertaken the required corrective actions of public notification and an on-going education program, as well as increased testing requirements.


In promoting public awareness, we’ve included the enclosed brochure Important Information about Lead in your Drinking Water. The brochure provides information on the potential health effects, possible sources of lead in your drinking water, and simple steps to take to protect yourself from lead exposure.


What to do during a Power Outage?

Power Outage

Please contact City of Arlington Staff immediately when you are experiencing a power outage.

**DO NOT contact McLeod Cooperative Power, they cannot help you! **

Monday-Friday (8 a.m. – 5 p.m.) 507-964-2378
Emergency After-Hours (anytime) 507-327-6601

*In the event of a mass power outage, the “After-Hours” phone may be busy due to the amount of phone calls coming in. Customers are encouraged to leave a detailed message during this time and City Staff will call you back when they can.


dog catWith the warmer weather, more residents have been out walking their pets around the City. Residents should be aware of ordinance 283, The Keeping of Animals Within the City Limits. All animals kept or held within city limits must be physically controlled by a person or entity. If your pet is allowed outside, they must be caged, fenced in, or on a leash. Any cage, building, or leash must be of sufficient composition to reasonably prevent the animal from injuring any person or property. You may take your animal(s) on walks along the public streets, sidewalks and alleyways, as long as the animal is held by a leash to restrain the animal. No animal shall be allowed to trespass onto private property. If the animal conducts a bowel movement during its walk, the person controlling the dog must immediately pick up, remove and dispose of it in a garbage container located at your home.




In August, after hearing numerous concerns from residents and staff the City Council tasked the Planning and Zoning Commission with reviewing ordinance language relating to outdoor storage. Limits on types of outdoor storage, where items could be stored, and storage pad surfacing requirements were of particular concern.

The Planning Commission has for the past several months reviewed the existing standards. Replacement standards have been drafted and approved.

Standards were originally placed into effect to provide a baseline for outside storage throughout the City in an attempt to balance property owner rights and a desire for neat and orderly yards. The existing standards and the proposed revisions apply to all property in the City – residential, commercial, and industrial.

The proposed ordinance amendment further defines and clarifies what types of exterior storage are allowed in the City. The proposed amendment allows several types of outdoor storage without limit and a previous requirement regarding surfacing of outdoor storage pads in side and rear yards is proposed to be removed.

In addition, under the proposed amendment, boats and RV’s may be stored outdoors year round. However, if being stored outdoors in the off-season they will need to be screened from the view of adjacent public streets and alleys.

A copy of the proposed ordinance is available for review at City Hall during normal business hours.

Click here for the revised Ordinance.




With Clean Energy Choice, residential customers have a choice to buy more renewable energy from the City of Arlington. What is renewable energy you ask? Renewable energy is generated from wind, solar, bioenergy and water resources. Did you know that today 17% of your home’s electricity comes from renewable energy and it is required by the State of Minnesota to do so. This new program will replace the City’s current Green Power program and is a revised version of the existing Clean Energy Choice program. By signing up for Clean Energy Choice, it’s a quick and easy way to ensure you are increasing your renewable energy source for only a few extra dollars a month. The main benefits of the program are as follows:

  • Low Cost – A fixed monthly fee of $1 per month for 50% renewable energy,

                                                                     $2 per month for 75% renewable energy, or

                                                                     $3 per month for 100% renewable energy.

  • The program and pricing is simple – the monthly fee is fixed and not based on energy usage. 
  • It’s easy to sign up for the program—go to the website https:/
  • Subscription is monthly and you can cancel at any time!

The Clean Energy Choice program currently is only for residential customers. MMPA is working on developing a new renewable program option for commercial and industrial customers.  If you are a commercial customer currently on the Green Power Program, you will remain on that program. If you have any questions or want to sign up for Clean Energy Choice please call the City Office at (507) 964-2378.