City Officials

The City of Arlington operates under the home rule charter form of government. The City Council is composed of five council members (four year terms each) and the mayor (four year term) who exercise the legislative functions and determines all policy. The City Administrator is appointed by the City Council and is responsible for the administration of city affairs. Many committees work with the council providing advice, ideas, and resources, which allows for more citizen input.

2015 Mayoral Goals

1.  Begin the Construction Phase of the 2015 Street and Utility Improvement Project. 

After years of planning, 2015 should see the start of construction of a major infrastructure improvement project in the northwest quadrant of the city. The project will consist of major improvement to water, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, streets and where appropriate, new sidewalks and trees. The City Engineer will be working closely with the local Watershed Board to amicably determine the best method for increased discharge of storm water into the High Island Creek. Our City Engineer will also work closely with Sibley East School officials to address the impact that the school construction will have on this project, and vice-versa. We will need to be sensitive to the affected property owners concerns relating to sidewalk placement, necessary tree removal, and planting of new trees on affected property. Construction is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2016. It will be a busy construction year in our community!

2.  Explore Bringing New Employment Opportunities to Our Community.

When the unexpected shutdown of the Seneca Foods production plant in Arlington took place in October 2014, it was a definite wake-up call that nothing in the current work climate should be taken for granted.  If, and when, the Seneca property becomes available, our Economic Development Authority will do all that it can to find a new occupant.  The TC&W Railroad Company also has a sincere interest in finding a new rail shipping customer for this currently inactive site.

In the meantime the City will be vigilant in its effort to meet with current employers in the community, and remind them of their importance to the City of Arlington, and to explore any appropriate assistance that may be available for expansion interests.

3.  Continue to Work toward Platting of the Industrial Park.

With the acquisition of the 22 acre, Southwest Industrial Park by the EDA three years ago, it is now time to aggressively move to the platting of the property. This platting will heavily revolve around seeking the most feasible MNDOT approval for access directly, or indirectly, off of State Highway 5. In addition, optimal lot layout and utility routes need to be determined. The City of Arlington is always on the lookout for potential tenants to occupy parts of the Industrial Park.

4.  Reduce the Presence of “Blighted Properties” Within the City of Arlington.

Blighted property comes under a variety of definitions depending on where property is located. In our community, I feel that blighted property is characterized by unsightly, trashed yards and unmaintained structures, as well as properties containing unlicensed motor vehicles, and other items that are reasonably prohibited by city ordinance. These unsightly properties take away from the beauty and pride that has been a hallmark of Arlington over the years.

With enforcement work of current ordinances by our Police Department, together with meaningful changes in any applicable ordinances, I am confident that noticeable improvements will result to assist Arlington residents with this goal. In addition, I would support the reinstatement of a City-Wide Cleanup Day.

5.  Open Access to a “Renewed” Arlington Sportsman’s Park.

The City of Arlington can be very proud of its park system. Recent emphasis involves user friendly access to Sportsman’s Park via a portion of the Sibley County Regional Trail System. This trail segment, connecting the City with Sportsman’s Park approximately one mile away, will be a 10’ wide paved surface and contain two bridges. The park itself should experience increased activity, especially use of the newly renamed Dan “Buck” Thomes Field. This softball/baseball field is being significantly improved, thanks to a “Fields for Kids” Grant from the Minnesota Twins, matching donations from local organizations and the work of our Parks Committee.

Access to Sportsman’s Park via the new trail should be completed in 2015. I anticipate that City residents will be excited with this new area for leisure-time activity.

6. Begin Phase One of the Sidewalk Rehabilitation/Construction Program.

Part of the Ridgeview Sibley Medical Center lease revenue received by the City of Arlington each year has been designated to be used for sidewalk rehab/construction. In 2014, City staff surveyed and categorized sidewalks in the entire city. Based on these findings, serious consideration should be given to initiating the replacement of a portion of city sidewalks as appropriate in 2015.

-Mayor Richard Nagel (