Ambulance 2015 member picture

Front row left to right: Jason Mueller, Sue Morrisette, Jim Pederson, Julie Ehlers, Brian Thomes, Neal Wisch, Mary Halverson Back row left to right: Kevin Sullivan, Wendy Kube, Lisa Roseland, Wayne Maiers, Aaron Wisch, Bob Lueth Missing from photo: Brent Doetkott, Rick Schmidt, Nicholas Thies, and Angela Treu.

312 West Alden Street (Emergency Services Building) Director: Kevin Sullivan
Phone: 507-964-2378 Assistant Manager: Lisa Roseland
  Finance Officer: Sue Morrisette
  Vehicle Maintenance Officer: Jim Pederson



Brent Doetkott, Julie Ehlers, Wendy Kube, Joe Lemke, Bob Lueth, Wayne Maiers, Sue Morrisette, Jason Mueller, Jim Pederson, Lisa Roseland, Brian Thomes, Nicholas Thies,  Angela Treu, Aaron Wisch, Neal Wisch.


Doug Kayser, Paula Noll, Steve Noll, Dave Olson, Michele Parpart, Kevin Pevestorf, Sara Burton

First Responders

Rick Schmidt

Service Area

Cities of Arlington and Green Isle, Arlington Township, & Part of Dryden, Green Isle, Jessenland, Kelso, New Auburn and Washington Lake.

Ambulance Fundraiser

September Harvest Event (Hog Roast)